Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë I read this book mainly because it was talked about a lot in Eclipse. I was shocked by how dark and Gothic it was. I can’t imagine what people must have thought when it was published. If I could pick two words to describe Wuthering Heights it would be “passionate” and “bizarre.” I’ve never read anything like it. I knew as I was reading it that I wasn’t supposed to like Cathy. She has a passionate temper that was very unlikeable and yet I couldn’t hate her. In fact, I related to her in a lot of strange ways. I kind of agree with Edward Cullen’s assessment of the book that it’s not a love story but a hate story. The ending was what made me like this book. A lot of the characters are run madly by their passions and I thought for sure the ending would be nothing but a disaster. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. If Eclipse has made you curious as to what happens in this book, give it a try. You might actually like it.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true storyPersonal Notes: May contain spoilersThe first Cathy is hard for me to dislike. The bad things about her are hard for me to denounce without feeling like a hypocrite. I thought it was a discussion about all the bad reasons that people get married.Bad reasons the characters get marriedEdgar - wants to change her bad temper, she's pretty, he feels sorry for her (?)Catherine Earnshaw - social standing, wealth and comfortHeathcliff-revengeIsabella - infatuationLinton-threatsCatherine Linton- coersionThe one good marriage isHearton and Catherine - forgivenessStill, it was endearing that Cathy (the first) didn't even think that her love for Heathcliff would be threatened by marriage to someone else. It showed that people get married for lots of reasons besides love.