The Limit

The Limit - Kristen Landon The Limit was a mild dystopian about modern workhouses and over-spending money that I thought Dickens would approve of. It was close enough to our world to make it plausible but off-kilter enough to make it a tad creepy. There was not a lot of stuff happening or action in the plot, but I had a lot of questions so it kept my interest. I enjoyed the writing. The characters were fun and easy for me to visualize. She did a really good job with the main character, Matt. I loved how often he stuck his foot in his mouth. The conflict was rather tame for my taste. There was so much potential for a really intense page turner and I was disappointed that it didn’t quite go there. I could tell the whole time that something sinister was going on, but when we find out what it is, the story doesn’t really go into the what and why of the whole thing. I guess my complaint is that I wanted to know more! What was the “bad guy’s” motivation? What exactly were they doing to the kids? Overall it was a good read that was different from a lot of the dystopians out there.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story