Timeless - Michelle Madow Timeless is the last book in the Transcend Time series. This finale is about reincarnated lovers, Drew and Lizzie, who now have to get rid of a curse before they can be together forever. I thought Timeless was a cute, fun and fast romantic read. The beginning had some ominous moments that gave me a few chills. The middle gets to be kind of repetitive. Lizzie mentions that she is under a curse and is going to die a lot. The plot dragged a little talking about things that weren’t interesting or really needed in the story like how Lizzie convinces her mom to travel somewhere. It felt like a lot of the stuff in the middle could have been left out so we could get to the meat of the story which was at the end. I really loved the setting at the end and wish we could have spent more time there. I felt like there wasn’t a lot of conflict throughout the story. Everything seemed to work out a little too easily. But overall, it did keep my interest. I thought it was an entertaining read, but the first book, Remembrance, is still my favorite and I think the best book in this series. If you loved the first book and want to know what happens to Drew and Lizzie then you should pick this one up.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story