Cate of the Lost Colony

Cate of the Lost Colony - Lisa M. Klein Cate of the Lost Colony is about a girl who is banished to the new world by a jealous queen. This is the kind of entertaining historical fiction that also happens teaches you a little something about history. There is a huge cast of characters in this book, most of whom existed in real life. The main characters really shined even though the minor characters often got mixed up in my mind (thank goodness for the awesome character list at the beginning). The main characters Cate, Manteo, and Sir Walter Ralegh all narrate this story. I found the voices of each of the narrators so distinct and beautiful that I could tell within a paragraph or two who was talking even though it wasn’t labeled. Through each of the narrators we get to see the new world from different perspectives. Cate shows us life as a colonist. Manteo shows us the major changes that the Native Amercians went through. Sir Walter Ralegh, who is an historical figure, shows us the glory and wealth people dreamed of finding in America.I loved the summary at the end of the book that explained what was fiction and what wasn’t. It was surprising how much of the story was actually not that far from reality. I read this at the perfect time of year. Who knew that a novel about pilgrims would be such a page-turner? The writing was authentic and wonderful. The romance was amazing. No instant love or cliches to be found.Overall, it was a great historical romance that had me hooked until the last page.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story