The Last Jedi: Star Wars

The Last Jedi - Michael Reaves, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff The Last Jedi is about Jax, one of the few surviving Jedi from Order 66. Jax is part of a budding rebellious uprising against the Empire called Whiplash and he’s on a secret mission to move a Whiplash leader to safety. This book felt like one of those dreams that no matter how hard you try to run, you’re just not getting anywhere. I felt that way because the writing was either choppy or tended towards info-dumping which slowed down the pace a lot for the first half of the book. It also took me a while to read, but you know me – I can’t quit a story because the ending might be good. Luckily, about half-way through I was right and the plot starts to pick up and get interesting. I enjoyed the ending that was action-packed and full of tension. But I was a little disappointed that in a book called “The Last Jedi” the Jedi doesn’t die at the end. Maybe I’m morbid. I kept thinking “And then he dies. He DIES. When is Vader going to kill him? What kind of book is this?” Also, since my reviews are technically spoiler free, maybe he does die. I’m not telling.While a lot of the novel felt original, I also saw a lot of tired and over-used story elements from the Star Wars universe. For example, a protocol droid’s head falls off but he won’t stop yapping and oh, look, they are running from Vader’s ship and then they get boarded by him. Although there were some tired plot elements here and there, I really enjoyed learning about the alien race called the Cephalons that could see the future in their own, unique way.I have a few other small bones to pick. Like a drug that enhances force abilities – really? I don’t buy it. The alien races were hardly described at all. I don’t need a huge description each time someone new enters, but I would like to have a small idea of what they look like.I know it sounds like I didn’t like this book, but the characters were enjoyable. Geri was an adorable orphan who loves to build droids. And Jax was a very likable main character who grows a lot throughout the story. The humor was very good and even had the classic joke “I have a bad feeling about this.”Overall, it was an average Star Wars novel that took me a while to get into and felt like it had a lot of recycled story elements. But the ending was a great, action-packed, tension-filled ride that made up for some of it’s faults.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story