The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner Series #2)

The Scorch Trials - James Dashner The action and intensity increase in Scorch Trials. You learn so much about the world and the characters but the question that will bug you through the whole thing is WHY? Why is all this happening? The characters and their sarcasm are hugely entertaining. The characters are unique, likeable, charming and funny. I want to use their slang in my real life. An action-packed page turner and if possible, even more bizarre than The Maze Runner. It messes with your head until you can't tell what is real and what isn't, what is good and what isn't. You get a glimpse of a world that is still going through an apocalypse and what it would be like. The story is about survival against the impossible. The cliff-hanger at the end is enormous and you just want to strangle someone and say, "TELL ME WHY! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? I NEED TO KNOW NOW."This books is also reviewed at my blog Books: A true storyRe-read status Started October 12, 2011Status October 14, 2011 page 251 11 pmFinished October 15 4:30 pm