Pyxis: The Discovery  - K.C. Neal I liked the originality of this book. It felt like one of the few books that really deserves the title “paranormal” (you know, the clairvoyant kind) because of it’s unique combination of dreams and reality. I can’t think of any other books to compare it to. The mystery in this book was great. It kept me guessing and wanting to find out more. My biggest complaint was that I felt like the plot meandered a lot. There are major, mysterious, and interesting things happening but we had to wait for it while we went to her driver’s test. It frustrated me. I felt like there were two plot lines competing with each other: her normal life and her paranormal life. It really slowed the pace down and a lot of the time I found myself wanting to get back to the paranormal plot. Maybe she was trying to blend the normal and the supernatural, but it just didn’t work for me. And then just as it got really good, the story ended! I’m dying to read more! K.C. Neal has set up what I think will be an amazing series.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story