Witch's Brew, Spellspinners Series #1 (The Spellspinners of Melas County)

Witch's Brew  - Heidi R. Kling This book felt like Harry Potter goes YA. I found some similarities to Harry Potter like the term "You Know Who," and a a restricted library. I liked the magic. Women, or witch's, magic involves beauty, flowers, healing and nature. The men, or warlocks, are their enemies and have "opposite" powers though it doesn't go into a lot of detail what those powers are. It mentions mind reading powers and potions. The kind of stuff Snape would like. The conflict of having men and women being enemies from a curse was pretty cool. This isn't an average ebook - it has choices in it. It's not quite like choose your own adventure because the story line will end up in the same place. There are two choices in the story and when I went back and read the other choice, they eventually meet up at the same place in the story but it flesh's out the characters and their relationships a little more. If I were reading this again, I would probably read both choices and then move on. The characters were okay. They didn't seem very fleshed out, but they didn't bother me either. My favorite part of this book was the really cool conflict and the background behind it. Can't wait to read the next one. Or you could call it Romeo + Juliet meets witches and magic.