Princess Academy: Palace of Stone

Palace of Stone  - Shannon Hale The story was more grown up in this second installment of the Princess Academy.  Palace of Stone deals with more issues that usually involve adults like marriage and revolution.  What made this revolution story unique was that it was started by a girl who could see both sides.  Most of the revolution stories I've read have been about the little guys trying to overthrow those in power like Les Miserables and The Hunger Games. It was interesting to wonder how she was going to work this revolution out with one foot in each world.I loved getting to see all of these wonderful characters again.  Miri is very easy to relate to.  I liked Peder, but I would have smacked him over the head if he had been in the same room as me at the end.I loved learning more about the history of Mount Eskel.  The world of the lowlands was fun to explore.  It seemed colorful and a little magical and it reminded me of the world from the Disney movie, Tangled.I liked how the magic was expanded on in this book.  It answered a few questions I had about the importance of linder, the stone that is quarried on Mount Eskel, and if there was more to it.  There is and it was fun to discover!Princess Academy could easily stand on it's own, yet you can see how the happy ending from the first book might not work out and last.  That made it even more fun to read this sequel.Overall, it was a unique view on revolution that expands on the magic and the world that kids and adults would love.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story