Clockwork Prince (Infernal Devices)

Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Clockwork Prince is like A Tale of Two Cities meets warlocks, werewolves, with a little steampunk and it’s all set in Victorian England. The first thing I noticed about Clockwork Prince was how much detail goes into the world that she has created. It makes the whole world come alive in a way that rivals J.K. Rowling. I love Cassandra’s dark and sarcastic humor. As I was reading, the characters start talking about A Tale of Two Cities and I thought, “Oh dear, I can sense the foreshadowing now. This can’t end well.” Read A Tale of Two Cities and you’ll know what I mean. I liked Clockwork Prince even better than Clockwork Angel. How I hated Will in the first book, but Cassandra manages to get me to like him against my better judgement. Just thinking about this book makes my eyes prickle a little even though I didn’t actually cry during the book. It was more tragic than all out sad (Is that a spoiler….?). Cassandra was so good at keeping me guessing to what is really going on. Brilliantly, Cassandra manages to make this second book in a trilogy not feel so “I’m just here to get to book 3.” It felt like it’s own story with finality even though we don’t have all the answers yet. Cassandra writes amazing characters that feel so real and have great personality. I especially love Bridget, the insane cook and “singer of murderous ballads.”This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true storyCross Bones Graveyard - A real place in London that was unconsecrated and had mostly prostitutes and paupers buried there.Hyde Park, Kew Gardens, National Gallery, British Museum and Tower of London are all real places you can still see today (and I've been to some of them!).A lot of the books mentioned are real.