Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone - Shadow and Bone was like walking through a version of Tolstoy’s Russia that was filled with magic. So many little details reminded me of Tolstoy like the mention of saints, troikas, samovars, peasants, and even the names. The world building was incredible with details being revealed naturally throughout the story and even mentioned more than once so you wouldn’t get confused. Leigh took a culture from our world and tweaked it just enough to turn it into a rich fantasy world. She’s genius, I tell you!The Grisha were a new and interesting mythology that reminded me a little of druids. They were unique and refreshing. They wore beautiful Russian-type robes and they had different classes of magic over certain elements like earth, air, and water. Throughout the book there was such beautiful imagery, like a boat sailing across the sand. The story line was unpredictable and fascinating. The prologue starts out with the main character Alina’s childhood which I found very charming. I loved the theme throughout of how powerful knowledge is. There were circumstances that stayed exactly the same, but Alina’s new knowledge would change everything. And to top all of that off, there are two very dashing and romantic leads that left me breathless. Do you like dark and mysterious or loyal and charming? I’ll have one of each, thanks!This was a new and exhilarating take on high fantasy. It was unlike anything I have ever read before.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story