Destined (Laurel Series #4)

Destined - Aprilynne Pike Destined was the perfect ending to one of my all-time favorite series. I liked each book in this series just as much as the first one (which is rare for me). The whole series had all the things I look for – a creative idea (that sometimes I’m kind of jealous of and wish I had thought of), a story that surprises me, but most of all something that makes me feel. I felt true love and sorrow and so many things in between while I raced through this book. The epic conclusion and the bittersweet ending were not what I was expecting. I think that all the best stories are a little bit sad. I couldn’t stop reading this book and now all I want to do is read it again. It was full of battles, betrayal, sacrifice, high stakes, and some beautifully romantic passages that I read over and over. I’m a little speechless.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story