Incarnate - Incarnate is about a girl named Ana who lives in a world full of people that always get reincarnated except for her. She’s never been born before and frankly no one knows where the crap she came from. And no one likes her either. It sounds like an exciting start to a book which is why I was so surprised that I found this book slow and the characters boring. Sam was the most boring character of all. Apparently being 5000 years old makes you dreadfully dull. He seems to have no faults, he never gets surprised or shows emotion to anything until almost the end of the book, but by then it was too late because I could have cared less about him. The plot did not have much going on. A lot of the story focuses on Ana and Sam’s relationship which would have been interesting if I had cared about Sam. There is a very anti-climactic fight scene but in the grand sceme of things, nothing really happens.This book would have gotten 2 stars if the ending hadn’t been good. We finally get some interesting conflict towards the end. I thought the idea of living walls was very new and creative and also creepy. I was full of questions and theories by the time I closed the book, so I will most likely be picking up the rest of the books in the series eventually. My biggest question that was conveniently never brought up was if animals were reincarnated, too. This led to my theory that I have. I think that Ana used to be a butterfly. Like, literally a butterfly.Overall, this was one of those books that redeems itself at the end with some interesting conflict and ideas, but I had to plow through 300 pages of boring Sam to get there.This book is also reviewed on my blog Books: A true story